At home among the redwoods

I make my home in Eureka, on California's foggy redwood coast, living with my husband Don, several dogs and cats, a horse, countless songbirds and the regular deer, raccoon and bear population in our neighborhood.

Gardening is a passion that has developed into a wonderful old-style garden with an ever-expanding collection of fragrant antique roses and a comprehensive medicinal herb garden.I enjoy making tinctures and essential oils for my personal use and healing.

Animals have always been a important part of my life. I have always had an intuitive knack for understanding animals. In the course of my many years study of metaphysical concerns, I learned to focus and refine my skills while studying with my primary teacher, Melanie Z. Tolley

Studying with pioneer animal communication specialist Penelope Smith 'sealed the deal' when it came to communicating with animals. Since then, every day and every week my personal experiences with animals have helped me become even more attuned to their vibrations.

Linda Wahlund with a happy dog

As a Reiki practitioner, intuitive counseler and natural healer, I seek to help my animal and human clients regain health, balance and harmony.

As a life-long animal lover, horsewoman, gardener, wife and mother, I was looking for a way in which to give back to the earth that which had been given to me. My years of total immersion in metaphysical study, animal communication and Reiki have now gifted me with that opportunity.

My intent in my practice is to reconnect humans and animals with their own innate healing abilities. And, with the flow of Divine Healing Energy, to facilitate the healing of the Earth and all her inhabitants.

With encouragement from friends I am assembing my memoirs for a book illustrating the personal journey that evolved my personal gifts, sharing the methods I use to communicate with animals, people and spirits.

The Offering by artist Peggy Loudon

"The Offering" by artists Peggy Loudon and Naomi Mest which is installed in my front garden.